Our Story

Just like you, we also have a story to tell. Our long and proud history has prepared us to be experts at bringing stories to life in physical environments.

Our parent company, Westwind Design, was founded in 1979. With a focus on museum design and fabrication of museum exhibits, our designers and fabricators learned the importance of details in creating memorable experiences. We had to become experts at learning how to communicate information in an engaging manner so that visitors would walk away not only in awe but also with real knowledge. Imparting messages (information) in a physical space is what we became experts at. Carefully blending in digital components with physical components to create a unique topic specific experience is in our DNA. Unbeknownst to us we were pioneers in experiential branding and engaging messaging well before those became buzz-words.

When you work with StorySpace, you get to rely upon and leverage our 37 years of experience in building spaces that tell stories. We use all of our experience to create a story space that’s more than just a static decoration or a series of plaques on the wall. We create an experience that leaves a lasting impression on your customers, your employees, and everyone who interacts with your brand. Our team are experts at turning your story into something that will work well for a physical environment, wisely use digital components to enhance the experience, and expertly fabricate and assemble the physical components in our 12,000 square foot fabrication shop and design space, before installing at your facility.

We like to think of ourselves as a creative group of designers and fabricators that can bring your story alive in almost any physical environment. We can do that through the use of wall space, ceiling space, digital content, touch screen interactives, internal and external physical features, geography, and more. Our imagination for your projects is limitless.

You have a story worth telling - and StorySpace is the best partner to help you tell it.