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Brand Experience


Culture Creation

Everyone knows the importance of having the right corporate culture. But very few know how to create the culture they want in their organization. While there is no one magic way to get the culture you want, recognizing and celebrating the culture you desire is a great way to get more of your organization to follow suit. A StorySpace wall or area can go a long way in showcasing the culture you want to build.

Marketing, Communications & PR Firms

You are an expert storyteller. Your clients come to you to craft their stories in the best way possible and rely upon you to help them get their story out. At StorySpace we love working with great stories and phenomenal storytellers. Allow us to give you another tool in your toolkit to get the story out to those who matter.

Do something different for your clients and wow them with a StorySpace partnership project.

Take the story to the people

Agencies can combine their expertise with StorySpace's expertise to create something amazing. You know how to tell a story, you know the end goal - we'll help tell in a physical environment. Contact us and let's talk great ideas for your clients.


How stories can engage your patrons and increase donations

We know how to create impactful donor recognition - that's why our sister company, BetterGiving, has been able to partner with great organizations all over Western Canada.

If your nonprofit wants to go above traditional and digital donor recognition, StorySpace wants to partner! Turn your digital, interactive, or traditional donor wall into a living, evolving piece of your organization's history - while helping bring in donations.